Italian Film Commissions

filming in italy

Everybody knows that Italy is a wonderful country but, at the same time, making a movie can be a hassle. Why try to re-invent the wheel when you can get easy advices and drop them into your production, with a local partner?
Delphi Consulting facilitates access to the Italian Film Commissions and helps you get all the benefits of filming in Italy, saving your time and your money. If you’re planning to film in Italy your next movie, we’ll help you manage relationships with the Film Commissions of your interest, simplifying production and making your next job a breeze.

The Italian Film Commissions association, comprising 16 Film Commissions located all over Italy, brings together organisms that provide free of charge services such as logistic assistance, access to financial resources, the granting of permits, a mapping of qualified manpower and service providers and the search for locations. Fostering territorial development on global scale, the Italian Film Commissions association acts to consolidate relations with national and international bodies and institutions. The mission of the association includes promotion and protection of the quality of services for audiovisual productions and the operational enhancement of structures associated with the organization of initiatives for training and update.