Why Italy is the best country to make a movie?

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Once a home to ground breaking arts and artists, each part of Italy tells a different fascinating story and boasts the world class restaurants, art works, monuments and museums. With more than 4,600 miles of coast lines, Italy boasts 27 marine parks and the Mediterranean beaches in Europe. Italians are well known for their famous work of cinema (Italy achieved 14 “Best Foreign Film” Academy Awards, being the first in the list). The law provides tax credits for producers, distributors, movie theater owners, and technical industries. The law also provides for the sheltering of profits, not only for film production and distribution companies, but also for companies not previously operating within the film sector.

Make it easily with Delphi Consulting

Delphi Consulting is a creative agency and a production company, specialized in TV commercials, rich media content, videoclips, corporate presentations. We design and create products tailored to your budget, maximizing your production value. We give you access to our workgroup of film and media collaborators and partners through a strong and competent interface, reducing your production costs and free up resources.

With more than twenty years with leading investors in the global advertising scene, we guarantee reliability, flexibility and world-class quality of production. The level of our products is attested from the large number of awards and prizes, as well as the partnerships developed with all the major international advertising agencies. One more thing: whatever your budget, we know how to accomplish the job.


control- budget

In successful productions the quality of the message is guaranteed by planning and cost control. Poor management of the budget is, at best, a waste of money, at worst, a loss of image. Our administrative and management experience over the years has guaranteed the success of all productions, obtaining numerous awards and full customer satisfaction.


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Our video productions are supported by technical resources that combine the organization and management of the set, digital editing, 2D animation, 3D stereoscopic filming, aerial drones and aerial footages. Delphi Consulting is made by dynamic human network, latest technologies, reliable and versatile supports. All you need to get flawless results.


simplify supply chain

Thanks to the versatility in creative stage and the ability to control the supply chain operations, Delphi Consulting is your “one stop shop” in Italy for every kind of video production with digital technology. In this way we simplify the entire chain to the advantage of the client, while keeping a strict control on every executive stage and on the budget of the project.


join work group

All our production are based on strict selection of the best professionals to execute the plan, with seamless coordination with the client. Delphi Consulting employs leading partnerships and an extensive network of designers, technicians and managers, both in Italy and abroad, able to add great value to every production.