Every year billions of dollars get lost by companies, due to spoofing emails, “men in the middle” scams, wrong banking address. We stand against the business piracy, so we provide our customers with this countercheck of banking account details of Delphi Consulting Srl. The page is hosted on a secure server (please verify to be on a HTTPS connection and the website domain is delphiconsulting.it).

Never pay to any other bank account that doesn’t match with the following:

Holder: Delphi Consulting Srl

IBAN:  IT02Q0306914700100000008851

Bank: Intesa San Paolo


BANK ADDRESS: VIA ISONZO, 153 – ZIP CODE: 04100 – LATINA (ITALY) – PHONE: +39077340091

Bitcoin Address: 1PfQVneJzfojxsH5DFhzyQCdHq5sAaSfQW