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Delphi Consulting was founded in February 2012 by Francesco Ceccano in Latina, Lazio’s second largest city, in the center of Italian Cinema production areas. The company has the mission to streamline procurement in business communication: Video Productions, Web Design, Online Advertising, Search Marketing, Technology Consultancy, Brand Internationalization. We give a reliable and complete experience for all Mediterranean localization needs.


  • VAT N. 02654300595
  • Registration with the Register of Companies of Latin n. LT-188734
  • Share Capital: € 10,000 fully paid-up, owned by Gianni Francesco Ceccano
  • Registered office: Via U. Giordano 20 – 04100 Latina (LT)
  • Website: www.delphiconsulting.it
  • Certified Email: delphiconsultingsrl@legalmail.it
  • Phone +39 342 143 7548
  • Fax +39 0773 164 1205